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The company provided its services online, having a leading market position. At one point, the business had faced market saturation. Company management had started searching for a new growth opportunity. The nearest markets were highly competitive to expand to. That’s why the company decided to fill the neighboring market niche of household moving brokerage.


Real Estate

Time spent

More 6700 h.

Client’s Desires and Needs:

  • to catch the opportunity for business growth; 
  • preferably stay within the state;
  • get a reliable revenue-generating tool based on conventional business processes.


The processes within the future business were pretty the same as in the existing one. Despite that, the company board wasn't dead sure of the success of a new venture. Moreover, their real estate brokerage website had run up too large tech debt for scaling the system. 

The company management decided to drum up the new business as a separate unit and based on the new platform. Building the new system from scratch, people reckoned to test its sustainability and then rejuvenate the old one with a proven tech.

The search for a contractor brought the company over to GeneralSoft. We had developed some projects of a similar kind before. It helped us to identify the main issues of the real estate brokerage system which the client used as a test. Further negotiations passed rather fast. 

The client had previously specified the scope of requirements. They looked as follows:

  • to arrange the relationships between ordering customers and moving companies within a site;
  • to automate the paperwork;
  • to set the different service levels depending on the selected price plan;
  • to integrate the payments management;
  • to bring the customers a possibility of ordering online including the detailed planning and price estimation;
  • to set up an efficient feedback tool.


  1. Built-in CRM. After the registration, users should set up their profiles, choosing the role: moving company or customer. The moving company’s staff gets all the CRM features in the account dashboard. A calendar allows staff to plan the workload. Both requests received from potential customers and signed contracts are storing in the system and can be easily found at any moment. Also, all the customers with whom the company and any interactions are automatically adding to the catalog.
  2. Basic data management. To force automation work properly, moving companies can add basic data for math. The data includes cost per hour, the number of moving staff available, as well as the list of additional services that the company provides.
  3. Payments and financial info. An individual account makes it possible to arrange all the payments within the site using several popular payment tools. The moving company can choose among a few service plans with different SLAs. For the customers, service is completely free of charge.
  4. Movement planning and ordering. To leave an application, the customer should follow several easy steps. Both address for dispatch and destination address, as well as the date of moving, can be filled in the special form. The next step is to arrange all the required details. Once it is finished, the customer can see the detailed plan of moving with actual prices.  Next, it becomes possible to choose the company with the most profitable conditions. And the last step is placing an order and waiting for a response.
  5. Feedback tool. Both movers and customers can communicate with the service using the special tool. To start a conversation, the user should open a ticket and send the request. All the tickets are divided into topics. Users can easily check the progress at any moment.
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