What is General Soft

How comes that?

Our mission is to share both profits and success with our clients.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that we pay them money. Providing any services or developing any solutions intended to our clients, we help these people to spend less or to get more. So, getting certain benefits along with them is the primary aim of our business.

Meet the team

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Alex Grigoriev


Andrey Palchyk


Sebastian Butterweck

CEO German office

How General Soft had growing up:

  • 1

    Early 2012 - the company was established in Vitebsk, Belarus, by a couple of likeminded people.

  • 2

    End of 2013 - several high-profile public tendering projects were successfully delivered. Thanks to them, we have been matured specific processes that allow us to develop decent high-load systems for exacting clients.

  • 3

    2014 - the first projects for clients from both Western Europe and the USA started.

  • 4

    Since 2016 we are successfully handling various kinds of software systems in 7 different business domains. The steady widening of our technology stack comes under modern industry trends and helps us to stay relevant and demanded.

  • 5

    2019 - General Soft LTD has become a resident of Belarusian Hi-Tech Park.

More about Belarusian IT

You can find out more about the Belarusian IT industry in a study report conducted by Ernst&Young. Other topic-related publications in the US online media:

We have a couple of principles that we follow thoroughly. Here are them:

  • We never start any project if it is deliberately profitable for us but unprofitable for the client.
  • Fair and transparent communications are crucial to success.
  • Requirements must be entirely understandable for both parties.
  • The best project is an ongoing one.
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