5 SaaS Trends in 2021-2022 You Should Know

We have prepared 5 trends in SaaS technology that will be relevant in the next 2-3 years. According to statistics, 85% of the applications used by companies will be SaaS-based by 2025. The global market for SaaS solutions will grow by $138 billion in 2022. Investments in the development of this technology mean that it will remain relevant for the next decade, and following trends will increase the company's potential against the background of competitors.

1. AI to improve product quality

The development of Artificial Intelligence affects many business sectors, including e-commerce, medicine, and IT. Of course, AI plays the most important role in the IT sector because it helps to minimize the human factor in business processes and automate most of the functions.

According to statistics, the development of AI in 2020-2027 will reach 33.2%, and by 2025, its market value will reach $190 billion. It shows that AI will take a leading position in the trends of all business sectors.

In total, AI solves several problems in SaaS:

  1. Improving customer support. For example, chatbots can simplify the life of an ordinary consumer and unload the specialists responsible for the technical support of the product. Thanks to AI, they only deal with the most difficult situations.
  2. Expanding the capabilities of product personalization. A standard package of software functionality can’t always satisfy a broad audience. With the help of AI, it is possible to analyze user requests and adjust the software structure to meet the stated requirements. Furthermore, it helps to create several versions of apps and easily adapt them to specific customer needs.
  3. Increase in product security. One of the most important attributes of modern software. In the 21st century, 80% of users' personal data freely surf the web. AI can help to protect products from confidential information leakage by optimizing security algorithms and security protocols. Machine learning will allow you to identify vulnerabilities and quickly eliminate them.

The influence of AI on software and specifically SaaS technologies can hardly be overestimated, and a stable position in trends clearly shows the need to develop in this direction.

2. Popularization of Micro SaaS solutions 

Statistics show that the number of Micro SaaS products will grow in 2021. First of all, it is associated with the popularization of e-commerce and a relatively low entry threshold. Thanks to Micro SaaS tools, you can create a small niche store or service resource.

This format of E-commerce is gaining popularity thanks to the features of Micro SaaS ideas:

  • Minimum costs for creation and support
  • Small but constant target audience
  • Income without external investment
  • Minimum entry threshold, ideal for bloggers and freelancers
  • Small staff / one person
  • Niche focus, one store — one product type
  • Direct customer contact

These features differentiate Micro SaaS from classic SaaS. If the standard version is suitable for both small and large businesses, then Micro is adapted for individuals and small entrepreneurs. This trend will continue over the next 5-6 years until the supply/demand for personalized products decreases.

3. Heading towards solutions for mobile devices

Digitalization has brought business not only to the screens of classic PCs and laptops but also to smartphones and tablets. According to statistics, 6.3 billion mobile devices are actively used in 2021, and it makes this platform the most promising for software development.

Covid-19 kicked everyone out of their offices and sent them to their homes, which had become a significant factor in developing business systems for smartphones and tablets. If you look at the statistics, it becomes clear that 83% of companies now use cloud-based mobile solutions of the SaaSmarket for business management. This trend will remain relevant for several more years, and it seems to completely replace stationary solutions in the future.

Advantages of using mobile SaaS applications:

  • User-friendliness
  • Work anywhere in the world
  • Scaling to meet the needs of the business
  • Flexible payment model
  • Fast updating

These applications cover 5 main areas:

  • CRM cabinets for business management
  • Software for project management
  • E-commerce
  • software ERP solutions for remote work
  • Transaction Software 

The mobile SaaS trend is setting new standards for businesses. Without the timely development and implementation of these products, the company risks being left far behind its progressive competitors.

4. Customer experience as the primary tool for business promotion

Statistics show that 80% of consumers make a purchase if they receive a personalized brand appeal. However, it also states that 48% of users leave a website if it is not optimized for easy interaction. Therefore, if a resource/app does not satisfy consumers, the churn exceeds the acceptable 5-7%. 

In 2022, investments are expected to improve the user experience from the use of SaaS solutions. 

What it gives to the business:

  • Increased conversion
  • Decreased customer churn
  • Brand advertising between users
  • Increased revenue due to customer loyalty

This trend has been relevant over the past 5 years and is not going to lose ground. To retain customers, invest in the convenience of your SaaS products. Consumer loyalty is measured by purchases and free advertising.

5. Native Advertising in SaaS Products

Sharethrough reports that 53% of users do not take native ads literally, and 18% even make purchases after seeing an ad. It only says that the introduction of this type of marketing content into the SaaS market will have a positive impact on conversion. Unlike traditional banners and linking to a product landing page, native ads are 63% better perceived by users.

This trend aims to integrate marketing content into SaaS solutions. The ability to publish native ads will provide a steady flow of customers willing to pay for ad placement. Also, it becomes possible to scale the advertising campaign by involving the users of this product, expanding the target audience.


To stay on the crest of a trend wave, you need to follow the current tendencies and implement them in time. General Soft will help you stay afloat: we offer a complete package of services that optimize the technical part of your business. With our help, you will receive up-to-date SaaS software solutions for all business processes.

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