Software Development Process

We believe in an individual approach to each client and project. Thanks to transparency, automation and a dynamic environment, we choose development methods that fit your specific business needs. We always guarantee timely project implementation within your budget.

Agile model

Flexibility is very popular and forces engineers to develop software flexibly. However, the agile model doesn't fit for every software development case. It's hard to move agile if you are not able to communicate with a client daily, as well as if you run a big company. Let's talk about all the aspects and details related to this issue.

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team can be considered as a kind of partnership when the client receives software engineers at its disposal for a relatively long time. The company takes into account the client’s requirements and assigns specialists. Customer can operate this workgroup, choose a manager that will watch over communication. The workgroup is usually staying at the company's office.

Fixed price Model

The fixed price model works as follows. Both parties, the service provider and the client, sign an agreement in which the end price is already determined. A period of time is also determined considering aspects of the deal. This model is useful when it comes to a small business project.

Waterfall model

The waterfall model is using when the software development needs to be fragmented and get done step by step. This business model represents a constant working process. Working on the specific stage starts only after performing the previous action. Once the phase is finished, you are not able to put changes into it.

Iterative model

The iterative model works well when aims and requirements cannot be determined in full at the beginning. The end project requirements will appear only once the development of specific parts of the project is done. Repeating the development process, you update the software step by step.

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