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It appears that nowadays flexibility is very popular word which forces third party software engineers to develop content in a flexible way. It’s easy to say but hard to make it happen. Agile model might not work every time during software development. It’s going to be hard to move along with flexibility in case you are not able to have contact with clients and you run a big company. Let’s talk about all aspects and details related to this issue.

Agile is necessary in following circumstances:

  • Impossible to calculate exact time, demands are not defined;
  • Lack of information about market software requirements;
  • Unable to put proper aims, experience shortage;
  • Necessity of bureaucracy to influence the solutions;
  • Clients without solvency and proper schedule;
  • There is need in taking over market so there are no rivals on it;
  • Clients can easily update software;
  • Accessibility to client ready to take part in the project;
  • Ability to provide the product in parts.

Benefits of Agile model:

  • Software will be provided in a quick and constant way;
  • Clients will be pleased with constant supply of necessary software;
  • When users get their product not fully completed but ASAP, they can easily get their invested money back, no matter if software is not ready yet. Clients already can start using it and think of advantages and disadvantages;
  • More attention is paid to cooperation with users, instead of whole process itself;
  • Agile model is aimed at clients and their cooperation, so it is 100% important;
  •  Your product will be succeeded due to influence of your working group and clients, but not because of ways of development and tools you use. During process of development software people need to learn how to trust each other and cooperation will help them to make it happen. Mutual reliance is essential in relationship while working on any product;
  • Software engineers realize how to please business requirements, and they make proper decisions to even out support, style and usage. Engineers guarantee technical background that helps to improve in a constant way.

Agile model shortcomings:

  • It is hard to determine exact amount of effort that needed when development of product is started;
  • Less attention is paid to planning and paperwork;
  • Development can get to the dead end in case when client doesn’t know how product should look in the end;
  • Rookie software engineers are not allowed to work in such conditions because sometimes important decisions have to be made. So you need to use experiences specialists or at least combine them with rookies;
  • Software development can be performed in a various ways, but Agile model provides greatest outcome for everybody. There is always need in software on the market, the only question is: how to make it optimally. So you can definitely say that Agile methods of development are more suitable for company and clients.
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