Property & Lead Management Custom Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Real estate software provides agents, owners, landlords, buyers, and housing maintenance service providers with everything they need in work:

  • multifunctional real estate portals;
  • lead generation tools;
  • real estate valuation (appraisal) solutions;
  • expense tracking systems;
  • open house management solutions;
  • multiple listing services and internet data exchange (IDX);
  • solutions for homeowner associations (HOA) and landlords.

So, the right real estate software tools can help you:

  • streamline listings and closings to raise their performance;
  • optimize real estate marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates;
  • simplify transaction management to make it transparent and smooth;
  • helping to spread offers wider and cover a bigger audience;
  • keeping your realty active and in good condition with less spending.

Why real estate solutions matter: some figures

What exactly we can offer:

Keep your leads in one place

Attract your leads from multiple lead generation sources and manage them under one centralized and simple-to-use platform. You can pull all your leads straight from your website into the Real Estate CRM and automatically or manually allocate them to respective agents.

Automatic leads qualification

Using artificial intelligence a proprietary chatbot would qualify leads instead of you. Rather than spending time sorting out the applications to understand customers’ needs, concentrate on searching for the best offers for them.

Property Managment

Managerial activities in one solution

Control and manage all your activities using a single software solution. Wherever your staff is, they can access to schedules, leases, contact information, etc.

Media enhancement

Add multiple media and video files to your listings, so that it can form the start to capture more clients.

Wider coverage

Through integrations with the leading online marketplace providers, publish your listings on the most prominent property portals globally to reach a wider audience.

Property comparison

As a part of your technology, you can provide a comparison report on several properties to mark it easier for your clients to choose. Clients are looking for specific requirements, they would be happy if you provide them with comparison property where they can at once see the importance for them featured singled out.

Customer Relationship Managment

A strong contact management platform

Import your existing client contact data and importing details.

Track the whole process of your communication with customers.

Segregate your clients and mark at which stage in the buying process they are. You can categorize them by referring agents, partners, competitors, leads, observe the history of cooperation in order to offer them new good deals.

Streamline your communication

Keep and notes of your communication with clients, provide feedbacks, arrange scheduling put it all in the calendar. Having segregated the clients send emails/ SMS or schedule calls with them. Set listings notifications, so that your clients can be automatically informed once there new fitting properties.

Monitor your transactions and deals

Based on the clients’data you can see where on the transaction road map you are and focus on tasks that matter the most.

Reports and analytics

Data-based decision-making

Collect data and control the operational workflow with comprehensive reports.

Customizable dashboards

Get an overview of your performance once you log in to the system. With our customizable dashboard to you will gain instant access to the preset in advance data.

Visualize your Data

Shape your reports into any preferred way that is easier for you to understand: colorful line charts, bar charts, pie charts, hashtags, tables, etc.

Get access to the needed data

Constantly keep an eye on the clients’ purchase details with their payments received & due. You can add & view the respective payable flat amount, loan details and other additional charges like VAT, Service Tax, etc.

Haven't found anything? Never mind - we can always develop additional features for you!


Connect your database to all the business tools your partners use and watch your sales team’s efficiency go through the roof. No more clicking between applications — we will bring it all together

Operational workflows / Workflow automation

Configurable individual and team sequential action plan that you can adjust to your team to ensure achieving results.

Configurable property management

Your CRM needs to enable you to customize your data to create custom lists based on deals, dates, offers, events, and commissions. A step further is a possibility to attach property details with the listing. What we can also do for you.

Customized Commission Calculation

Create a customized formula to calculate commissions for each individual deal.

Customized reporting dashboards.

Dashboards can be customized to 100% fit your processes.


Responsive designs, customizable fields, and brand awareness.

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