Custom ERP systems development

Custom ERP systems

Custom ERP development and implementation is a real boost for the business efficiency. Look, thanks to ERP:

We are ready to develop ERP of your choice

  1. Research your situation and processes thoroughly. Your unique and valuable processes will remain intact. Those that have flaws will be reviewed and improved.
  2. Automate the routine processes. All that is possible to automate, will be automated. It means that your need for staff will be decreased.
  3. Migrate your data seamlessly. Data migration is one of the painful parts here. And we’re ready to make it carefully.
  4. Handle all the changes. Your change requests will be reviewed, and implemented only if they are aligned with the needs of the business.
  5. Make the work of your staff convenient. Very often UX in the enterprise software is quite poor. But we clearly understand that people must have convenient working tools, otherwise, you definitely will lose money.
  6. Help you with adoption. The adoption period is often hard for the staff. And we will help you to overcome it easier.

Overcoming the shocking effect

But the ERP implementation often causes massive shocking effect or even financial losses. Why? Simply because of managerial mistakes during the planning, implementation itself, and adoption period.

  1. About 26% of companies characterize their ERP implementation as unsuccessful. The main reason is the budget overrun.
  2. 59% of ERP implementations were behind schedule. The average duration of ERP development and delivery is 17 months.
  3. The delivery process very often causes temporary abnormalities. In 68% of cases, they are no longer than 1 month but sometimes may last 3 months and even more.

We know all possible ERP issues and how to handle them

  • The main cause of the budget overrun is inflated expectations. The more details you will consider before the start, the closer to the reality your expectations will turn out to be. And we are strongly interested in your maximal awareness.
  • Possible schedule overrun is a result of planning errors, especially those that tied with changes. We clearly understand the importance of planning and changes in the project development process. So it won’t become a trouble for you.
  • To minimize the abnormalities, first of all, we should increase the satisfaction of your staff. The more differences have new processes comparing to the old ones, the harder their adoption among users. The solution is to balance these differences, increasing comfort.

Custom or ready-made ERP?

There are many ready-made box versions or SaaS ERP solutions on the market. But the custom ones remain the solutions of choice. And that is why:

Ready-made ERPs are still very generic

They were developed for the average-looking company. Such an approach doesn’t take into account all the specifics of the business. Custom ERP will be 100% aligned with your business. Which is much more efficient, of course.

Ready-made ERPs are expensive!

It is somewhat surprising, but the box or SaaS version of ERP currently costs $1,300-$10,500 per user per 5 years. Does it look affordable if we say about the system which isn’t fitting your business well? Very unlikely. And if we speak about tailored ERP, it costs not much more, but its efficiency will be definitely much higher.

Custom ERP will be integrated with all your existing software

For the companies that use much different software, the integrations of ready-made ERP highly likely will be painful. But our custom solutions take into account all the software that the company uses. So, the integrations are just a part of the scope and a question of time.

Custom means secure

Every ready-made solution has its own security flaws which can be easily found by crooks. The system developed from scratch has no reported issues. Moreover, you can choose where to store your data — locally, in the well-known cloud (AWS, Microsoft, etc.), or even establishing your own private cloud.

Own ERP is much more reliable

SaaS ERP may unexpectedly become out of service due to very different reasons. It will highly likely lead to the collapse of your business. The ownership of custom-made ERP means that you can fully rely on it. And it will work tomorrow, the next day, month or year.

Custom ERP software that ideally fits your business processes

Every business today should be super-efficient, otherwise, it will fail the battle with better-enchanted competitors. The ERP system is a key software tool for different businesses. It should be best to help you win, right?

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