Custom CRM systems development

Custom CRM systems

The overall CRM market has surpassed $28bln in 2019 and continues to grow. Why? Simply because it is incredibly efficient for any kind of business! If you’re looking for a tool that can help you compete better, you should consider its implementing. Sales are a group of business activities that must work like a charm. Otherwise, you will definitely lose your profits, become weak compared to your competitors, and finally withdraw from the market.

What are the benefits of CRM implementing?

Optimization of processes

Prior to the development we study and optimize business process of your enterprise – thus increasing its efficiency.

Process automation

We automate many mundane tasks – reducing the need for staff.

High productivity

The rest tasks get simpler and performed more quickly – increasing productivity.

Intuitive workflows

All the documents and data are stored on a reliable unified database – decreasing the amount of mistakes.

Processes analytics

There are statistics and analytics for covered processes – easy to identify and eliminate fragilities.

Earning projection

Planning and earnings projection become simple and transparent process.

There are definitely risks here... Let’s be honest: yes of course. And we will specialize them all.

Late adoption

More than 25% of companies think of the CRM implementing after the number of their customers exceed 1000. The account base migration becomes a rather complicated task.

Randomly selected vendor

About 25% of companies selected the vendor who implemented their CRM randomly or by trusting the first company they met. As a result, the majority of them becoming dissatisfied with the results through time.

Too costly

Many companies decide to change CRM they use due to a higher cost of ownership than they expected before the beginning. It is common mostly for the SaaS systems.

Longer than expected

Some companies expect that CRM will be implemented in 6 months or faster. For them, reality often turns out to be worse than the expectation. In fact, 80% of implementations are 18 months long and below.

The custom CRM will be 100 % relevant

All the ready-made CRMs are developed typically. It means that it won’t work ideally with your business and its unique details. Often attempts of using the software that isn’t fitting the processes in a full cause constant losses. And it may be even more painful than the cost of custom development.

Integrations and migration will be finished successfully

When your business implements any new software, it must be integrated with the old ones. Indistinct API functions, old versions mess, and different other issues can make the process very long and painful, and with an unknown result. One of the best features of custom-made solutions is that all the integrations usually finish successfully.

You are the owner of the tool your business uses

Unlike the SaaS solutions, you can entirely rely on the custom-made software. The SaaS will be closed on the same day when its creators will make such a decision. Your business will surely stay using the custom solution until you need it.

We offer you a CRM solution that is aligned with your business

Your sales processes are unique, aren’t they? So, we can make your sales more productive, transparent, and controllable. Based on the vast experience we got earlier, we’ll build the solution that will be as efficient as it can be.

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