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Dedicated Team can be considered as partnership model when clients are offered high skilled software engineers for a long period of time. Company takes into account client’s requirements and assigns specialists. Customer can operate this work group, choose manager that will watch over communication. Company office is generally a place for working process of the group.

Dedicated Team Model’s month salary is easily calculated. Formula looks like this: Provider Company’s tax + employee’s salary.

You definitely know about this system and how it works if you already did business with companies and services. In case you are only learning about this type of partnership it is going to be unusual. Software development business is working using Dedicated Team Model.  Dedicated Team Model is a special group of experienced software engineers that is chosen by the company that will satisfy clients requirements and finish product in time.

Dedicated Team Model benefits:

  • Certain, reasonable cash expenditures (even a single cent will not be spent for nothing);
  • Decreasing employee’s salary and taxes;
  • Trusty work group which includes experienced software engineers who know how to get their job done;
  • In general, every person of the working group is responsible for specific objective and always ready to satisfy your demands;
  • Project manager provide you with reports every week;
  • You can easily bring in alternations and improve product during development process;
  • Communication is performed in a proper way between employees and outsourcing team;
  • Unity of the group;
  • Staff of the team is well-experienced so it is not necessary to spend money on their skill development;
  • Group will always be aimed at performing their job and competing given tasks;
  • Managers will make sure that product will be completed in time and take care of results and disadvantages.

Dedicated Team Model shortcomings:

  • Unsuitable for short period partnership;
  • Sometimes it is hard to find proper team to work with. It might take time;
  • Client should take part in each and every aspect of team’s development process and operate it;
  • Some companies can be unaffordable because of the prices;
  • In case you operate and run development process with working group yourself, it is going to take a lot of effort.

When Dedicated Team Model should be used:

  • When demands of the end product are not determined and development will take a lot of time to be performed. So you can easily bring in alternations and cash expenditures will not change;
  • Make your own decision. Choose your own business model that suits you mostly.
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