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Waterfall model is used when development needs to be fragmented and get done step by step. This business model represents constant working process. It’s called waterfall model because development of following specific stage occurs only after performing previous step. You are not able to work on previous phase and put changes into it.

Here are some benefits and shortcomings of this most common Software Development model:


  • As mentioned above, before moving to the next step, previous should be accomplished;
  • You can use this model in case you have small project with exactly determined demands;
  • After finishing every phase, working team makes sure that everything done properly;
  • Documentation is finished by the end of each stage of development;
  • Client’s engagement is not necessary. End product depends on working group;
  • Alterations can take place when crew is working on software project.


  • Bugs need to be removed at the exact stage of development;
  • Model does not suit if you change aims and goals during working process;
  • Communication cannot take place during development stage;
  • Issues may occur in the end project;
  • Bad circumstance is testing period which happens in the end of working process;
  • Team needs to spend a lot of time to manage documentation.

Waterfall method will work for you if:

  1. Software has connection with database (commercial product).
  2. Creation of website or portal.
  3. Software related to network protocol.
  4. You have constant aims and demands.
  5. Simple app.
  6. Small project.
  7. Constant conditions.
  8. Constant methods and instruments.
  9. Affordable employees and resources.


Waterfall model is aimed at accomplishing given task, but not at client. It might be a problem, do not expect quick payback. Good or bad, client is not able to participate in development process and needs to wait for end project. As a client you need to take in consideration a lot of aspects to choose business model that suits you mostly.

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