Booking Information System for Spa Resorts Network

The application is necessary to automate the process of booking, selling, processing and canceling tickets.


Team members

4 developers


A network of three spa resorts, each is managing semi-autonomously. Each retreat can hold hundreds of guests simultaneously.


Marketing & sales

Time spent

More 1600 h.

Client’s desires and needs:

  • to localize the ticket booking, accounting, and control;
  • to solve the current issues with booking cancellations;
  • to reduce loss and increase the profitability of ticket sales.


Due to every single resort having its own management team, the parent company faced accounting issues and losses once in a while. The situation worsened with the fact that a significant part of tickets was selling by third-party agencies. A lack of centralized control encouraged corruption, which increased losses.

To solve this, the network’s top managers decided to implement the software system, which will take all the processes involved under control. At this time, we ran into a project.

First of all, we conducted a rough analysis and set the goals:

  • to connect all the sellers to a booking system to prevent overlapping;
  • to develop clear and transparent uniform rules regulating the cancellations;
  • to increase the control and accounting of sales activities on every stage.


  1. The architectural design of the system is based on a single database. It allows all the sellers an equal access to the samet information. It eliminated the possibility of tickets overlapping once and for all. An access to the system have only authorized users. The user area is designed in a form of dashboard, providing all the neccessary working tools.
  2. Initially, the cancellations were processing by each branch separately, with infrequent reconciliations. The comprehensive coverage of the Booking Information System made it possible to set a single workflow on how the cancellations must be processed. One it was made, the issues with cancelled tickets no longer appeared.
  3. Our developers designed a structure that met all the nuances of assets accounting. The resulting system considers tickets and money as the two main assets and controls their flow from recognition to expenditure.

Our custom solution development in figures:

  • From the very first days after the system was delivered, the incidents of corruption completely disappeared.
  • The new cancellation processing rules were welcomed by users who mentioned the fact of increased quality of service.
  • An increased control of asets had minimised the level of losses.
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