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Credit App Center is an all-in-one client portal software where you can request, receive, approve and share clients and suppliers applications.

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2 developers


A financial company that institution provide a wide choice of financial services including construction loans, savings and investment products, commercial real estate loans, business and consumer loans, and more.


Finance industry

Time spent

More 1200 h.


Our team developed a service that makes it possible to simplify interaction between customers in need of a credit and owners of online stores. The service can be integrated into any website and allows the client, after filling out the form, to receive a ready document for bank employees to consider it for the possibility of providing a credit. If necessary, the data after filling can be downloaded in any format. The client's data is displayed in the administrative part and then a manager, based on the filled data, makes a decision on granting a loan. The service includes a client part and an administrative part.

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