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Service for the protection of intellectual property


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2 developers
1 business analyst


Legal company working in the field of intellectual property. Lawyers and patent experts began their practice in 1959.



Time spent

More 2 500 h.

Service description

The application monitors the use of intellectual property objects (brands, keywords, logos, photos, audio, video content, etc.) on the Internet. The application is loaded with keywords, word combinations, logos, graphic images associated with the intellectual property of the copyright holder. The program searches for compliance with the specified parameters. Further, the analysis of the data obtained is carried out during the monitoring of the Internet, and each found object is given an assessment of the risk level and a status is affixed. Based on the data received, a decision is made to block illegal content, a report is generated that can be seen by the client in the Personal Account.


A unique search engine based on the principles of machine learning and artificial intelligence collects information on the Internet around the clock for mentioning the brand (keywords, logo), photo, video, audio materials of the copyright holder.

The search is carried out on Marketplaces, Internet sites, Social networks, Mobile applications, Contextual advertising and other resources. Monitoring and detecting violations are carried out around the world.


Using machine learning, the system determines the level of threat of the resource, calculates the amount of damage to the copyright holder, the amount of goods sold, the seller's balances, builds neural connections, which makes it possible to determine the entire infrastructure of the attacker (phone, mail, domain names, accounts in social networks and trading platforms). Search engine results are processed by a team of experienced analysts.

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