Kitchen Space

Service for renting kitchen facilities.

Kitchen Space

Team members

3 developers


Kitchen Space is a young startup in the restaurant business. The company sees the main goal of its activity in creating a service for the provision of kitchen premises for rent.



Time spent

More 1000 h.

Project Description

"Kitchen Spas" is a service for the lease of kitchen premises for events, master classes, etc. This is a kind of “sharing” in the kitchen area.

Customers who want to use the service can go to the site and make an order like this: you need a kitchen space for 2 hours on December 20 from 10 to 12 hours, an oven for an hour and a quick cleaning service are additionally needed.

The main functionality of the system:

  • Management of orders for the rental of various products, services, kitchen equipment, etc.;
  • Managing Clients who make these Orders;
  • Management of resources, goods and materials that can also be ordered;
  • Employee management with the ability to manage their workload and work schedule;
  • Adaptive version for tablets and smartphones;

The uniqueness of the project is that a huge number of other companies will also be able to use this service. For example, a beauty salon that can create an account and implement an order form on its website. All orders will go to the general admin area.

Order Management

Order management is as follows:

Order Management. Main functionality:

  • Displaying a list of Orders in several views: Order data, Resources data, Invoice data;
  • Filter / Search records in the table by fields: Order ID, Created, Ordered by, Price, Last changes, Status;
  • Sorting records in the table in ascending / descending order;
  • Adding Orders;
  • Editing Orders;
  • Downloading invoices;
  • Cancellation of Orders;
  • Deleting Orders.

Client Management:

Customer management. Main functionality: 

  • Displaying the list of Clients in the form of a table;
  • Filter / Search records in the table by fields: First name, Surname;
  • Sorting records in the table in ascending / descending order;
  • Adding Clients;
  • Error correction Clients: personal information, orders, history of changes;
  • Removing Clients.

Resource management: 

Employee Management: 

User profile: 

Mobile version: 

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