E-commerce solutions that have gained explosive popularity in Europe.

The 2020-year full of novelties for e-commerce. Everything that was implemented in previous years seemed impossible, and now thousands of people in the online business use these innovations. And to some technologies we already treat as something every day and ordinary. General Soft  keeps track of all the innovative solutions and tools that will turn the online sales industry around to be the first to implement them for you.

E-commerce dynamics

Market leaders - that's why they implement technologies that are inaccessible to ordinary resellers. And this is confirmed by the capitalization of such e-commerce projects (in billions of dollars):

E-commerce is not standing still and developing. Last year, the e-commerce market grew by 25% in both profit and user numbers. The level of increase in the average check exceeded inflation by 5-10%.
At the same time, the sequence of actions and customer behavior on sites has not changed much. Due to an increase in the speed of loading pages (6.2 sec), search time has decreased, which has affected the depth of viewing.

TOP 8 Innovations 2020

1. Virtual assistance

The role of assistant is performed by virtual consultants and specialists in selection of necessary goods. Catalog orientation, application of complex filters and reduction of time for searching for the right item in the assortment - have already been implemented.

2. VR technologies in marketplaces

Color filters and face recognition were previously used to unlock gadgets or on social networks. Now they help to see how the selected clothes will look like on you, how the appliances will fit into your interior. It lets you choose your color, texture and many other product parameters.

For example, selling glasses in the Lenskart store no longer requires fitting in the store. The selected model can be virtually tried on and selected by form, color and size.

3. Search for goods in catalogs

Expanded product search in huge catalogs is faster and easier. If you are looking for a brand (like Philips), the search bar offers options for that manufacturer's products. For example: "philips vacuum cleaner" or "philips kettle". And the products on the list will be sorted by popularity.

4. “Mobility" of sites and applications

SearchEngineLand analysts say that about 60% of all requests to Google are made using mobile devices. This led not only to the optimization of most sites, but also to the development of special mobile applications for e-commerce. Products are viewed through applications 2.9 times more often than through web interfaces.

Well-known company AliExpress, which released its mobile application in 2012, has already received over 100 million downloads on Google Play in 2020.

5. Your interests — our product

Advertising has become more than just a stream of additional information. Now it takes into account all your interests, preferences, requirements and needs. The new format of advertising from search engines takes into account all these parameters. On the basis of the analysis of user requests is formed an advertisement, which will be demonstrated to him.

6.  Instead of text — voice

The search by voice request is already implemented in eBay. The mobile application offers a product selection by parameters that are set by voice.

Search engines such as Google have long taken into account the presence of voice search on sites, and increase the position of "innovators" in the issue. Marketplaces that have implemented the voice search show sales growth of 15-20%.

7. Picture as selection criterion

In 2020, the choice of products by image gained popularity. Pinterest has been working on this technology for a long time and it is gradually being introduced into search engines and mobile applications.

For example, a mobile application from ASOS allows you to find a product by image of any format and origin: a photo from a mobile device camera or the Internet, as well as a screenshot.

8. The chatbots are taking the baton... 

The past year is full of various chatbots, which are designed on the basis of machine training and can conduct dialogues with customers. This allows the sites to work around the clock. This is why chatbots are widely used in e-commerce.

Chat bots have found their greatest use in social networks such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram. They capture the attention of the client who visits social networks.

For example, a chatbot can reduce the number of calls and provide quick answers to many frequently asked questions.

Marketplace — our all

This year of growth in both quality and quantity of trading platforms. New technologies are being introduced everywhere and the functionality of the client and seller is expanding. Small budgets for "launching" a full-fledged store and ease of use leave no competition to other resources.

By selecting a trading floor, the seller receives:

  • a simple and straightforward catalog that is easy to fill with the product;
  • integrated interface for easy work with payment systems, orders and warehouse;
  • continuous user support and operation without actual presence;
  • feedback system and rating categories compared to competitors. 

Marketplaces are not just at the peak of popularity, they are actually capturing the world of online sales. All that remains is to choose a trading platform and the necessary set of functions.

However, ready-made offers do not always meet the requirements of the seller. Therefore, it is worth seeking the help of specialists who will prepare for you exactly the solution you need, which will eliminate the payment of unnecessary functions and will solve any problems.

The experts of General Soft will solve these problems and develop "turnkey" any necessary trading platform. Doing your business will become easier and more convenient. Our experts are always ready to bring your ideas to life thanks to modern technologies! See for yourself, apply for consultation right now!

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