About the project:

  • Industry:Telecom
  • Client:Guarantor company
  • Team members:3 developers
  • Time spent: More 3500 h
  • Technologies used:PHP Laravel, My SQL, React
import, export reports telecom crm system configuration


Local Internet Service Provider “Garant” is the biggest ISP in Vitebsk with more than 100,000 customers. The company is operating in several other cities, as well, providing a variety of digital services, including IP TV access.

Client’s desires and needs:

  • to handle the processes running out of control as a result of rapid business growth;
  • to eliminate miscommunication between the management and the minor staff;
  • to exclude the necessity of manual reporting and unleash the labor potential.
resources telecom crm system configuration


The company had faced a rapidly increasing volume of requests from the customers. The workload had increased respectively, along with the raised frequency of human errors. Moreover, the manual reporting process began negatively affecting workforce productivity.

The list of goals looked as follows:

  • To optimize, automate, and keep the processes under control;
  • To raise the efficiency of collaboration between the different branches of staff with the help of automation.
  • To automate the reporting process.
client configuration telecom crm system


First of all, we conducted a thorough analysis of the business processes to find everything that can be optimized or automated. It helped to detect and fix several hidden bottlenecks.

Then we developed a plan of automation, which could be easily transferred into the code. Our development team got the plan and brought it into the working features of foreground software.

The next part was tied to the formalization of communications among the staff. Once we found all the possible standard scenarios on interaction, the task reduced to forwarding the communications where it is possible into the system.

Achieving the last goal, we found that there was no single form of reports in the company. We compared all the found types and then developed the universal one fitted well for all the cases. Once it was finished, the delivery of the feature within the Request Management system became a mere formality.

import, export reports telecom crm system configuration

Facts about project:


During the first fiscal year, the client raised its revenue by


The market share during this time increased to


An average tasks completion time reduced to

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